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Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Getting better at tennis involves practise, just like getting better at any other sport. You need to do a lot of swing repetitions and drill each stroke until it becomes second nature. However, it may not always be easy to locate a suitable partner with whom to train. You can always count on one of your playing partners, and that is a portable tennis ball machine. Thank goodness for that!

This article provides a review of the top tennis ball machines available on the market today, as well as a ranking of those machines, including both high-end, feature-packed models (such as the Spinshot line) and ball launchers with a stronger emphasis on value (a significant portion of Lobster’s line). Towards the end of this round-up, we also examine the various criteria that you might want to consider in order to purchase the best tennis ball machine for your needs.

Best tennis ball machines reviewed:​

1. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine​

This is the best portable tennis ball machine available on the market for players of any skill level who want an experience that can be tailored to their specific preferences. The device satisfies all of the requirements that should be present in a high-quality tennis ball machine.

The device can dispense balls at speeds ranging from around 19 to 68 miles per hour and has a capacity for more than 120 balls (30-110 kmph). You are able to programme drills with spin and movement that take you from one half of the court to the other. This ball machine’s feed frequency ranges from 2 to 10 seconds, making it ideal for practising fast-paced volleys when you need to improve your game.

However, the smartphone app is without a doubt the standout feature of this ball machine. It may be downloaded directly from your mobile device, and you can modify the drills to focus on certain aspects of your game that require improvement. You have the ability to construct up to 12 different preset drills for yourself, each having a maximum of 6 shots.

It’s almost as good as having a coach right there on the field, except even better! This machine can feed topspin at 60 miles per hour with a precision that is unmatched by your instructor. Therefore, rather than spending a lot of money on private lessons, you can use this machine as your coach, and it will pay for itself in just 25 hitting sessions.

Specifications & Features

Skill Level: Any
Ball Capacity: 120+
Feed Frequency: 2-10 seconds
Oscillation: Horizontal & Vertical
Speed & Spin: 19-68 MPH (30-110 KMPH) | Topspin & Backspin
Custom Drills: Yes, create 12 preset drills at 6 shots each
Control: Android or iPhone App (or Apple watch to pause and start)
Size & Weight: 46 lbs (with battery) | 21h x 20l x 14w (inches)
Power: Rechargeable battery included but shipped separately | Lasts 2-3 hours.



2. Spinshot Player Plus-2 Tennis Machine

Spinshot Player Plus-2 Tennis Machine

One of the most cutting-edge and innovative tennis ball machines available today is called the Spinshot Player 2 Plus. You will be able to have a highly realistic on-court experience thanks to the Spinshot Player, which provides you with practically every sort of oscillation that flawlessly emulates pretty much all shots that genuine tennis players can make.

There are two versions of this tennis ball machine available: one uses AC power, while the other uses batteries. When purchasing the battery-powered model, you will receive both the battery and the charger in the box. However, when purchasing the AC variant, you will need to purchase a separate rechargeable power pack.

The capability of the Player 2 Plus to be paired with a smartphone and an app downloaded to that smartphone is an excellent feature. Your smartphone can take the place of the conventional remote control and be programmed to control the speed, angle, feed rate, and height of the ball. Because the launcher allows for user-defined programming, you are also able to feed in your own personally designed exercises.

The Spinshot Player tennis ball machine has a total weight of 42 pounds once the battery has been connected. Because of its low weight, it is simple to carry around the court and to put in and take out of the trunk of your car. If you play on a private court, you might find that the AC-powered model suits your needs better. You won’t have to worry about remembering to charge the battery in the stationary machine if you do it this way.

The Spinshot Player 2 Plus tennis ball machine will help you to practise shots and enhance your game, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced level tennis player.

Specifications & Features

  • Oscillation: fully customizable
  • Ball Speed: 18 to 68 mph
  • Feed rate: 2-10 seconds
  • Elevation: adjustable
  • Spin: top and back
  • Ball capacity: 120
  • Power: battery or ac
  • Use time: 2-3 hours
  • Weight: 42 lbs



3. Lobster Sports Elite 2​

Lobster Sports Elite 2

This tennis ball machine is an excellent option for you to consider if your goal is to increase your fitness for singles or if you simply want to hit a lot of balls. This ball machine will transport you all over the court and can feed balls at a range of paces, rotations, and elevations. It will also move the balls themselves in a variety of ways.

High-level tennis players can benefit from the machine’s ability to strike balls at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, in addition to its vast capacity for balls. You can begin at a speed as low as ten miles per hour if you are just starting out. All aspects of the feed, including frequency, oscillation, and height, are of the highest quality.

This machine distributes the balls in a random pattern that can oscillate either vertically or horizontally, or both. This provides you with the opportunity to practise deep groundstrokes as well as approach shots on either side of the court. After that, you may adjust the settings on the ball machine so that it works on either your forehands or your backhands. You will get a fantastic workout if you set the machine to random motion in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

This machine does not allow for the customization of drills. You may, of course, turn off the random setting in order to practise taking one shot over and over again. Also, keep in mind that there will be an extra charge for the remote control.

Specifications and available options

Skill Level: Any Ball Feeding frequency ranges from 2-12 seconds, with a capacity of 150 items.
Oscillation: That is arbitrary Horizontal & Vertical
Speed and Spin: 10–80 Miles per Hour (or 16–129 Kilometers per Hour) | Topspin and Backspin
Drills: No to the Custom Drills
Control: Panel on machine. There is a remote control that may be purchased.
Dimensions and Weight: 21 x 29 x 15 1/2 inches when expanded; 44 pounds when collapsed (inches)
Power option: Power is provided by a rechargeable battery, and a charger is also included. Fast charger available. | 4-8 hours of duration



4. Spinshot pro

Spinshot pro tennis ball machine

The Spinshot Pro is the machine for you if you need a tennis ball machine to get a physical workout but you don’t need all of the adjustability that the more advanced machines offer. This machine has the potential to strike you with a variety of shots and can feed balls from side to side, providing you with a terrific cardiovascular workout.

This ball machine is an excellent buy for players of any skill level who just want to put in more practise time but do not necessarily require a drill experience that can be tailored to their specific needs. You will have the ability to work on all of your photographs thanks to the device’s portable size, long battery life, different speed and spin settings, and good battery life overall. Because of these features, this ball machine is also suitable for use by junior tennis players and more advanced children.

You will not be randomly hit with short and deep balls by the oscillation; rather, it will feed balls from side to side so that you can practise your backhand and forehand strokes. Simply adjusting the settings on the control panel will allow you to practise approach shots as well as lobs.

Specifications and available options: 

Skill Level: All
Capacity of Balls: More than 120
Feeding Intervals: Every 2-10 Seconds
Oscillation: Random Horizontal Oscillator & Elevation Contol
Speed and Spin: 19–68 miles per hour (30–110 kilometres per hour); Topspin and Backspin
Custom Drills: Not available
Control: Panel on machine. There is a remote with two buttons supplied.
Dimensions (in inches): 21 x 20 x 14; Weight (with battery): 44 lbs (inches)
Power: A rechargeable battery is included but will be supplied separately; its run time is between two and three hours.



5. Lobster Elite Grand 5 Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite Grand 5 Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Elite Grand 5 is your greatest option for accurately simulating real-life match play with pre-programmed drills, making it the clear winner in this category. 

It also features entirely random oscillation, the ability to programme up to six of your own bespoke drills, and the ability to set a distinct speed, spin rate, and trajectory for each ball. These features are not included on the vast majority of other tennis ball machines.

It is a little more expensive than other tennis ball machines; but, if you are searching for features and programmability that can accurately simulate a real game of tennis when you go on the court, then it is worth the additional expenditure.

Specifications and available options: 

Oscillation: complete and utter randomness
Feed rate: ranges from 2-9 seconds, while ball speeds range from 35 to 80 mph.
Elevation: 0-60 degrees
Capacity of the ball: 150
Power source: battery
Time of use: four to eight hours Weight: forty-four pounds



6. Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

Tennis players at the novice level will benefit the most from using the Wilson Portable, which is a highly advanced and dependable tennis ball machine. This device is capable of even satisfying players with greater skill levels if it is upgraded with a few supplemental features that come at an additional cost.

This tennis ball machine comes equipped with an elevating system as well as an oscillator, all of which allow for the adjustment of the ball’s trajectory and the random distribution of strokes over the court. You have the option of combining these characteristics with a Spin Control, which gives the shots a certain amount of additional spin. Unfortunately, because Wilson Portable does not give any pre-loaded drills, you will not be able to enjoy training with pre-loaded drills.

The manufacturer provides overcharge protection for this tennis ball machine, which allows for up to 4 hours of play time on the court. If you would want to play for a longer period of time, Wilson offers an additional battery pack that can be purchased for a reasonable price.



7. Tennis Tutor ProLite Ball Machine

This is a great option to consider purchasing if you are looking for a tennis ball machine that costs less than one thousand dollars. With a weight of only 29 pounds, this machine is extremely portable. The ball machine does not let you to construct your own exercises, but it does include a feature that allows you to train your forehand and backhand simultaneously using horizontal oscillation.

You may set the feed rate on this machine to be as slow as one minute and fifty-five seconds to get an excellent exercise. It can be utilised by people of a wide range of skill levels. You can also manually modify the elevation to practise groundstrokes, volleys, and even overheads or lobs. Other types of shots are also possible to practise.

This device does not have an adjustment for topspin or backspin, and it can feed at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. However, this is quick enough for the majority of players whose USTA level is lower than 5.0.

Specifications and available options: 

Ability Levels: Ranging from Novice to Expert Ball Feed frequency ranges from 1.5-10 seconds, capacity is 125.
Oscillation: Random Horizontal Oscillation | Manual Elevation Controls 10–60 mph
Speed & Spin: No Custom Drills Available Control Panel is located on the machine (remote available for purchase)
Size & Weight: 29 lbs. | 12h x 19.5l x 18w (inches)
Power: Supplied by a rechargeable battery; run time of two to three hours